Who we are

In the sense activists are people who see the need for change, improvement, and growth in the community, then StandUp Blue Springs fits this definition. We are people driven by passion, keen to share facts we want understood more widely, and led by a vision for a better future. Most of all, activism is “grassroots”, whereby an engaged citizenry, working together can help accomplish common goals. This is the heritage of StandUp Blue Springs.

Activism is often the result of particular experiences or upon learning about something they passionately believe needs to change. Such was the case in 2003 when a handful of school, business and concerned citizens learned there were area children experiencing dental health problems in our community. The solution involved a coalition of area dentists, school healthcare officials and what would become the StandUp Blue Springs organization, which helped develop and facilitate a new program called Dental for Kids.

From here, StandUp Blue Springs held summits to identify other matters of social or economic importance to the public. With each summit, the result was ordinary people being motivated to achieve common goals in the community, including a Ruff dog park, Frisbee golf course, Community Gardens and other programs which promote healthy eating and physical activities, and more. Throughout our history, StandUp Blue Springs has been the organization where citizen-driven ideas can be turned into action. “Stand up” is our rallying cry, as well as our challenge to the community to become active and help shape our future.

StandUp Blue Springs ….Where Ideas Come to life